Who we are ....

.... and what we do

ANUBIS ARTIST SERVICE is an artist management and booking company. They offer artist management and booking for the Gothic / Darkwave / Industrial Noise / EBM and Metal area. The management is supported by the good contact to the music industry and offers different models in cooperation with various partners.

Behind ANUBIS ARTIST SERVICE are Nefer & Anubis from Berlin. “Hence the name of my agency. I (Anubis) have actually been in touch with music ever since I can remember and, as I got older, especially with the music of the early EBM and Gothic scene. Consequently, I have been in this scene all my life. I started making music myself when I was a teenager (Sisters of Mercy was our benchmark back then). That’s also where I was able to gain my first experience with the music business. When the EBM wave came to Germany, my passion for this stomping, brute music style was ignited. Both or ALL areas of the black scene are so close to my heart that I simply saw my professional future in the music business.”

Anubis Artist Service’s main focus is artist/band management.
“We use our acquired experience and knowledge to advise young, but also already established bands on the highly competitive music market, to increase their level of awareness and to keep the artists’ backs free, who should fully concentrate on making music. Because I know both sides of the business, both as a musician and from the label side. I see that as an advantage, to be able to do the balancing act between the two, to do justice to everything.”

It is very important that bands are aware that nothing comes from nothing.
“A lot of work has really gone into the career of me and my team, and of course that has to be rewarded. They need to be aware that they are investing in their future and want it. That’s what separates a band that wants to take the next step from a hobby band. The first contact is then usually made via our website. It’s always best if bands email us their application (with info and songs) as a Dropbox link. That saves them the postage costs and we don’t drown in demos. We evaluate them and get back to you in any case, even if there is no positive feedback from our side on a cooperation. If we should decide on a band, it comes to telephone calls or Skypemeetings, where a co-operation as well as the contract negotiations are led. In the best case, we also meet in person to discuss everything. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to do that, it is not always possible in terms of time. You shouldn’t necessarily just focus on business; you should also get the interpersonal stuff right.”

Those who work with Anubis get the all-round carefree package.
“We represent, advise and support our bands in all business and administrative matters. In addition, we can offer distribution deals through our own labels Dark Wings and Blood Rite Rec.”

But can you afford something like that as a still “young” band?
“Absolutely. We do call a standard amount, but sometimes if we are very taken with a young band, we deviate from that. Then we calculate and make a more favorable offer. We negotiate! But, of course, that doesn’t always work because you can’t operate in the market without having costs.”

After a long time as A&R at a record company, Frank had started his own business in 2005 with Anubis Artist Service.
“On 01.11.2022, we will have almost 17 years of existence. How quickly time passes. In between I also preferred the label activity again for some time. But now we are fully behind Anubis Artist Service again and are currently building up the new roster. It’s no secret that the music market has been stagnating for years. For too long, the market has been dictated by the major labels. In the meantime, I think there is a healthy variety to be able to represent a band well and make it internationally known even without the big global players. It just takes a little perseverance and building up sometimes.”

Since July 2022 Tuomas Vuorio from Finland supports us as manager for the Nordic region.

“Music was my first love! Stay Dark and Rock ‘n’ Roll!”

Thanks to Bibi from Bad Black Unicorn for the portrait of Anubis Artist Service!!!