Genre: HardRock / Heavy Metal
Herkunft: Deutschland
Label: TBA
Vertrieb: TBA
Verlag: Dark Attitude Publishing
Aktuelle Veröffentlichung: Single „Outlaw Rider“ / 2019
Kommende Veröffentlichungen: Album 2020

Kick down in music …

The passion to scream it out… The passion to play it loud… The passion to live Rock’n’Roll… And the passion to love to party with loud and heavy music leads S.A.W. to the words to start their show with: „Let‘s go!!!

Engines are roaring, dust is blowing, sparks are flying, fire is burning…. And beyond this stands the enormous sound of all the heavy machinery and the strength of true manpower. This is what S.A.W. really reflect in their music: The sound of Heavy Metal and the poem of born to be wild.

It all started up as the guitarists stopped shitting their pants in the very early years and directly recognized the direction of how to hold their instrument. First they met as pupils, as they were really impressed by their teachers life of a Rockstar, traveling the world as the guitarist and co-producer of Mekong Delta, a well known German Progressive Thrash Metal Band. Things grew as good as the attitude inside… and a lot of funny gigs lend the musicians to form a band, to collect all the ideas and bring it to the people.

Today they use this chance of experience and good contacts and they all together are trying to reach and to entertain all the fans and members of the Hard Rock family around the world who really like to celebrate a good time..